Third Generation Navy

Frank W. Hackett 

Commander USN, WW2. As a young boy, he arrived America as an Irish Immigrant at the turn of the century. My Grandmother, a German immigrant was torn when he entered the war.

Frank started the Pleasure and Leisure furniture store in Michigan. Passed away in 1976


Edward F. Hackett

Graduate of Notre Dame


Lieutenant USN. Served as a flight instructor During WW2.   He married his best friend's sister after the war.

He took over his father's business and ran it for the next 30 years, retired in Florida in 77, passed away in 84.

daduniform dad

James E. Hackett

Enlisted.  Made 1st class rankingin 4 years. Served in the Beirut conflict. 

Home ported in Little Creek Virginia aboard the USS Fort Snelling.

Travel and adventure lover finally dropped anchor in Boise Idaho

jimuniform jimmed

My Father always told me that the Navy was the best years of this life, and that I would see it that way too. He was right! They were the best, most adventurous years of my life!



Some pages from my photo album

The Dirty Thirty E-Division Crew that was not on watch


The Mac and Hac Shack

Where debauchery was redefined

Babble Pie...a hostess product:

Mike Mcgovern's brother was in town after the "brother cruise". That is a cruise that the Navy offers to brothers of current members with hope of enlisting more members. On our return from one of many visits to Beirut Lebanon, we off-loaded Marines in Nags Head Virginia. Danny came aboard for the one night cruise back to Little Creek Virginia. Mike and I were sharing a flat close to the ship and had a welcoming party for his brother Danny. In attendance were Tom O'Brien, Rich Alexander, Mike Gallazo and Gary Sporee. A little too much celebration had Danny smash a babble pie in his own face...

My Girlfriend Suzette Leblanc showed with her girlfriend Inga

Below is skeet shooting off the ship fantail. I did amazingly well for never having held a shotgun.

Also a picture of the Electronics Techs in their shop. I visited them frequently for knowledge and parts.

Below is Interior Communication "C" School, where I gained a great deal more understanding of electronics. Television and VCR repair assisted my ability to read schematics and repair equipment. These are major benefits that I have utilized year after year.

Below was a division party held on base in Little Creek Virginia. From Left to Right : Blain Husted, Me, Albert Jones, Dave Foster, Mike McGovern, Rich Alexander, and Mike Gerrard. The other picture is me home on leave visiting the Geisling family in Bloomfield Michigan where I grew up.

It's not just an adventure, it's also a job! ... a couple of pictures of me, the ship I was attached to, and one of Wade, Waddell, McGovern and myself.


I miss my younger days...I was 4 times the power-house of other I am only half that :)

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